Machines of Loving Grace, a new High Line Channel / by Nat Castaneda

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Machines of Loving Grace

October 9, 2018 – January 2, 2019

LOCATION: On the High Line at 14th St.

Daily, beginning at dusk

Machines of Loving Grace is an exhibition in video format featuring three artists who address contemporary and historical technologies and their eerie and shifting relationships with humans.

Nat Castañeda presents Static Background Radiation (2014), one video from a series by the artist based on hybrid fictions that explore the construction of identity as related to gender, belief systems, and technology experienced in the corporate work environment.

Aura Satz presents Between the Bullet and the Hole (2015), a film centered on the elusive and complex effects of war on women’s role in ballistic research and early computing. The film features new and archival high-speed photography, Schlieren photography (showing miniscule changes in liquid flows), electric spark imagery, bullet sound wave imagery, forensic ballistic photography, slide rulers, punch cards, computer diagrams, and a soundtrack by electronic musician Scanner.

Erica Scourti presents Hot Readings (2018), a video in which the artist presents her public YouTube record, consisting of lectures, performances, and interviews. This record is intercut with her own private viewing history and automatically generated subtitles.

Organized by Melanie Kress, High Line Art Associate Curator.