Community Board @ Glasshouse / by Nat Castaneda


Group Exhibit

Community Board

Works by MFA in Art Practice program at the School of Visual Arts
Class of 2014

JULY 18-21

Opening Reception is Friday, July 18 6-9pm

Artists in the exhibition include: Nat Castañeda, Rachel Chick, Simone Couto, Leah Foster, Kate Harding, Anthony Hawley, Jaewook Lee, Victor Liu, Dana Osburn, Brenda Perry, Andrew Prieto, Henry Sanchez, Rosanna Scimeca, Benjamin Thorpe, Alfredo Travieso, Tribble & Mancenido and Richard Walshe.

Curated by Jovana Stokic


A self-led group exhibition that features the varying practices of eighteen artists who came together in the pursuit of higher education, and the desire to show together once again, upon completing their low residency program this summer. 

Members of a Community Board build a culture through the exchange of ideas then structure the best way to disseminate those ideas for wider consideration; culture begins with speculation and is sustained through conversation. Please, come join our multivalent conversation.

Accidental, intentional community?

Could we have known when entering that this would happen? I have many times during my involvement asked myself if it is some kind of social experiment masterminded by a hidden Svengali. I am still not sure. But what I do know, is that community has been created. And that we have all transmitted ideas to one another within this group in an influential way. Our practices range from extending ideas of social practice and the environment, all the way to what seems, on the surface, like formal abstraction. What binds us is a bend toward the speculative and the collaborative coupled with an awareness
that all art is in some way performative. We have learned that individuation comes through community at the very least. This is a digital Black Mountain, and we are some of the first to ascend. - Andrew Prieto, Community Board Member since 2012

As a curator and a professor, I am happy to participate in this project in a minor role, a reduced capacity, to speak sotto voce. My goal is to let the exhibition enfolds as a truly self-governing body: a self-organizational system as a process where some of form of order arises out of local interactions between the components. In order to keep this process spontaneous, it cannot be directed or controlled by any agent or subsystem. I am here only to contribute to this choreography. - Jovana Stokic, curator

Community Board will be on view at Glasshouse from July 18-21 with an opening
reception on Friday, July 18 from 6-9pm.